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If you want to communicate with me in a secure manner, you can find my PGP keys below. I use GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) for my secure communications.

My PGP Info:

My PGP key can be downloaded from most internet keyservers. I usually use pgp.mit.edu. Searching for"Greg Veldman" should give you the key. The key IDs and fingerprints are below. You can also download the keys directly by clicking the links below.

The striked out keys are my old ones and will be expiring soon, you should use my most current key listed below.

Key ID Fingerprint Download
8CEF F310 54A2 E106 3E50  5A88 4234 E716 6B0E FB75
Click here
09D0 0B8F 5E9B 3ECD 5334  8DB3 7FE5 2A04 8788 5740
Expires 2012-12-31
6C86 6630 6D56 FF75 1075  6FCF 82F7 F8DD 1D7C 84E6
Expires 2012-12-31

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